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As I have monitored Hershey’s social media this semester, I have realized the extreme flaws in a non-PR industry managing its social media accounts. It has become obvious that a SM-amateur is running their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. They are sporadically updated, complaints are not addressed, and positive feedback is rarely awarded.

I believe it takes a PR-pro, more specifically a social media extraordinaire to achieve maximum SM potential. SEO is something every company with social media should understand FULLY. Creating keywords, meta taglines with “buzz words,” and hyperlinks are key in growing followership and overall brand knowledge.

People often wonder what exactly PR is and who it can help them. I can answer this question to the fullest-extent when it comes to Hershey’s. The company is failing miserably with its social media. I must congratulate them on the decent amount of followership they have considering how poorly the accounts are managed. If the accounts were handled by a PR/SM pro, their website would have links to their social media accounts with widgets displayed on the homepage. Each new product would be linked using SEO-techniques to increase more page visits. This would ultimately increase ROI’s. Creating a social team is completely worth the investment. This would eliminate a great deal of Hershey’s social media flaws.

In conclusion, I completely believe that the responsibility of social media is underrated. But when a Fortune 500 company, like Hershey’s, has accounts with 20,000+ followers, there is something to be said about who/what/when/how you’re posting. Because it is so easily accessible, (there is no wed code involved or in-depth knowledge needed), it is often taken lightly. But that Facebook post or those 140 characters can be the difference between success and failure.

See the link below on an excellent example of why a PR-pro is needed during Twitter times of crisis.


10 thoughts on “Social Media & PR

  1. It’s sad that Hershey’s, such a successful company, doesn’t spend the time/money to have a social media team work on their social media sites. If you don’t use social media correctly and effectively, then why are you even wasting your time using it? People take notice when social media isn’t being used the right/best way and probably wonder why. I also think it’s a problem not to have a PR-pro working on social media if there is a crisis involved. Inexperienced social media users won’t understand how to do damage control through social media networks. They could even cause the problem to be worse. I agree that it is worth the investment to have a social media pro or team for a company.

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  3. Sadly, they have the followers they have solely because they are Hershey’s. I’ve said it before but I am definitely disappointed in Hershey’s lack of social media presence. They’re like America’s chocolate company so I feel they need to live up to that and communicate with their customers and chocolate lovers. I agree that creating a social media team would be a phenomenal investments for Hershey’s.

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  5. I agree what you post is what you are as a brand. It should not be taken lightly especially when money is involved. A company/individuals word is the most important factor in our business.

  6. Burger King also has really bad employees handeling their social media! You would think that big companies would take it more seriously, but maybe we do because we have learned so much about it this semester. They need to realize how important PR is to their company!!

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  8. Great blog girl. It inspires me to learn as much about PR as I can because you are so dedicated! I love what you said about creating buzz words and implementing them. Keep it up!

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